Whatever It Takes


Just like a breath of spring,
you came to me
And I'd tried to win you back
Since I've set you free
**("Will you break the rules?")
If I gotta
("Will you play the fool?")
Every time**

*And I'll do whatever it takes
And whatever the stakes
I will play, no, gonna get you someday*

Seems you don't realize,
what you've got till it's gone
And if you just close your eyes,
it won't be too long
Till the one you love,
Starts to leave you
Till she finds her way,
out the door


Down on the boulevard
Searchin so hard just to find you
The movie stars in the sidewalk squares
seem to stare and remind you


And I'll do whatever I can
Just to See you again
Night and day,
if that's what it takes
To see you again

If that’s what it takes.
To see you again… (Repeat and fade)