I live my life, in my own way
I've made my name, with ladies like you
I'm a fine red-blooded love machine
Shootin straight and talkin' mean
I leave em right on cue
Hey, but one thing you must realize
Even when you fantasize
My love is just a dead-end street
*Cause I'm freelance
Ooh, I need no company
I need a freehand
And that's the way it's gonna be
I'm freelance*

You've seen my kind, but you know I'm blind
To the rules of modern romance
I'm a full-tilt rocker to the max
Drivin' hard and livin' fast
Your heart won't stand a chance
So, so while you still can turn around
Before I bring the curtain down
Maybe you best find the door...

(* Repeat)
(* Repeat and fade)