Move The Mountain


Would you move the mountain,
Would you build a tower,
Would you drink the sunshine,
Like a wilted flower?
Would you waste that hour
If you knew this fullmoon would be
The last one you'd see?

Would you gaze in wonder
While the world was turning,
While the moon made quiet
All the years of yearning?
Would the flame keep burning,
If you knew the powers that be
Could set you free?

Don't know why you had to go
In the storylight, a flame in the darkness,
And we'll never really know
If you'll ever see me again.

Swam around in circles,
In a meandering ocean,
Had a dream of safety
That's lost emotion.
Could a faded notion
Make you find your way back to shore,
Looking for more?

So we head for safety,
But we never get there
And I brush the shadows
From a staring nightmare.
On the road to nowhere,
Would you help me carry my cross
And set me free?