Infernal Maze


You faded away
And woe is all that remains
And I have gone astray
My mind full of theory and states
I'm carrying a seed of insanity
A burden of faded memories

Delusion, destruction,
Go on without saying

Hate in this creed
Awareness so numb this time
Underneath the skin
You're still drooling in

And what I've come to find
A state of mind
I need to find
A way to carry it
For my soul will finally be free

But first I need to bare it instead:

Infernal Maze
I'm lost within an internal game
Infernal Maze
The demons are calling out your name

Infernal Maze.

(Solo - Matias / Jens / Matias / Jens / Duet)

(Chorus x2)

Infernal Maze
These demons, these demons,
Haunting me, Infernal Maze!
Infernal Maze!
Infernal Maze.

compositores: Matias Kupiainen,Timo Kotipelto