Bleed Together


I know you’re half awake yeah I know hate
And I know how you do it
Hold it don’t it out
Don’t get it right or wrong no I don’t get it
I know you’re afraid half amazed
All insane I know it’s all a cage
And all arrange and altogether gone

Cause you and me we’re average
With simple minds and lungs and eyes and skin
You and me we’re hopeless with nowhere hearts
So tear it out and open it
I’m giving blood tonight don’t care how don’t care why
I’m giving blood tonight and I feel just like
I could give it all

Show me and hand me down and hang me up alone
and cold and bury me
Show me and throw me out and hold me down
And air me out and wear me
I know you’re half afraid half amazed all insane
I know it’s all a cage and all a rage
And altogether gone

Come away and come with me and come around and come and see
And cover up and come along before race before the calm
And he walks out and fires the gun happy with the things he won
The head of God on the wall ahead of us the heads of us