You see the money like the dollar
Is your friend now
You see the human as the race
That you can win now
You see the animal
As food to fill the plate now
You see your brother as the reason
You can hate now
You see the family
As little, two or three
So you treat the rest
As if the aren’t even people
You trust the government
Plus you trust the steeple
Get on your knees
Nothings equal

We call “more”
Gimme more
Until you got it all
You got nothing at all
So gimme more
Who are we and what have we become
And what do I keep dreaming of…

What if we treated
Our daughters like our sons more..
And told em living off your looks
Will leave you done for…
And told em truth is in yourself
And you’re the reason…
But we give em makeup
And tell em
“this you should believe in”
It’s been a hundred years and these girls are not free
We let em vote
And tell em
That should make em happy
But they see that
Sex and prostitution’s
What we’re after…
We turn our sister
To a beautiful disaster

What if the pace was slower
Like the four seasons, and…
What if “1 Love” was something
Every 1 believed in, and …
That if a slap across
The left was just a reason
To give the right
Every time the left was bleeding, and…
What if the leaders
Were leadership that we needed, and…
What if the bible learned
To speak instead of preaching it,
Live “love your brother like yourself”
Instead of “heathens”
What if this world
Was a beautiful place to be in
What if earth was a beautiful world
To live in…
What if that was more