It's Funny


It's funny- you start this life with no money
You start this life with no girlfriend
You start this life with your tears
And your Mom and Dad
But then you start to grow older
And you decide it's important
To focus on your own self
And what you could have
And then you change what you came for
And your sunrise leaves like an airport
The moon is gone from your eyes
And you wonder why
The feelings that you are feeling
They suddenly have no meaning...
You got lost in this life
And you start to cry
It's funny
It's so funny
It wants to make you cry, it's funny
It's just funny

It's funny reminiscing 'bout my youthful days...
When everything in life seemed great always...
It's funny all the times that I counted the stars...
It's funny all the times that I counted the scars...
And there were so many days I tried to give up...
Then I turned right around and said stand up...
You gotta stand up for your rights...
And never give up on the fight...
You know the only thing to do is keep going...
And when you're going you got to keep growing...
Just keep your head up to the sky...
And keep your eye always on the prize...
It's funny sometimes when life shakes us...
It's funny sometimes when life breaks us...
And you sit back and think why...
And you start to cry it's funny...

Yo it's funny when you looking for a timeout
Ain't no ref to blow the whistle on ya last count
Needa forget about the days when we would pass out
From hoppin' bar to bar, then moms had to bail us out
Then we stopped when we had enough
We knew what we had was real
Couldn't give it up
So we let the music take over us
Now from the bottom we to the top

'Cause we stay hungry nobody knows
Tomorrow ain't guaranteed
All the highs and the lows
Yeah, never borrow from yesterday
Now it's time to rise up, get up stand and celebrate
With the same squad now for a decade

But we don't flaunt money, fast cars
Diamond rings and gold chains
People think 'cause we're rock stars we're living in all the fame
The funny thing is we don't let the money get in the way
Of where we came from
The vibes
The love and what we wanna say

So funny
It's funny
So funny
It's funny