Rhythm Is A Dancer


Rhythm is a dancer,
It's a soul's companion,
You can feel it everywhere
Lift your hands and voices
Free your mind and join us
You can feel it in the air

Ooh, it's a passion
Ooh, you can feel it in the air ...

Let the rhythm ride you, guide you
Sneak inside you, set your mind to
Move to its pulsation, Bass vibration, synth sensation
Pause, it's not in place, see. Mind and body must be free to
Please take it all in. Nothing to lose, everything to
Win, but it controls you. Holds you, molds you, back to older
New, touch it, taste it. Free your soul and let it face you
Got the beat what you wanna. If the groove don't get ya the rifle's gonna
I'm serious as cancer when I say "Rhythm is a dancer"

compositores: Thea Austin, Benito Benites, John Virgo III Garrett, Daniel Grossmann, Matthias Mania, Jens Ophaelders