Hey, so you wanna play
You see my game's on fire
but we don't play the same game

You see i'm greedy for speed
And nuetral means nothing to me
So if that's your desire
We'll get along famously

But one thing
I like to lead


I light 'em up before the motor starts
I go so fast that I could never stop
Look on the hood but you don't know what I got
I'm a moving violation, baby, Hot. Hot. Hot. Hot.

Highway, that's my scene
I may look like A blur when you see me
And I mean, I 'm flirtin' with disaster
I'm a mastor of G's
Going faster, gonna pass ya', gonna pass some dust your way

And I'm sayin'
You got skills
That's somethin' to prove
But you're in my way so you better move
One foot on the peddle but never on the brake
So don't give me a reason
I got a license to race

[chorus x3]