I play doctor for five minutes flat
Before I cut my heart open...and let the air out
Three bugs, a pound of dust
Some wind spilled before me
In the strangest manner that had
Broke away my tear spout

As I lie there
With tongue spread wide open
A black widow had offered me
A sweetheart tube
As I injected
The candied heart that I selected
She said don't hesitate
Just do what you have to do to me!

|It's hard to stay between the lines of skin
x2 |Just cause I have nerves, don't mean that I can feel
|I wasn't very much fun to be with anyway
|Just let the blood run red cause I can't feel!

x4 |Biding my time until the time is right [2x]
|Biding my time...It's time

Biding... [x4]

Somewhere in behind me
Someone inside me
Everyone against me
Everyone beside me
Clawing away the pieces
Stratching away the absence

One more, two more, everyone once more [x2]

Inside the places that i hide from you
I want to see you splayed before me
You are the onlyone that I would like to see before me

You want it, you need it [x4]

Don't run!
I die, you run, I had no heart, I don't want you to pay anyone...
Wanna die, I wanna die, I'd rather die, I wanna die

You bitch [x3]

I don't need you anymore
I don't need you

It's time [x12]