Get Money

Sheek Louch

t's the dance step, it's the bounce
Gotta make sure I don't spill my drink on this
It's the swagger
G's up homey

I'ma get money, get money
I don't care if your peoples act funny
I'ma go loco, straight loco
Aiyyo mamis pass the trey-ocho
Cause we do it, straight do it
You coulda came with us ma but you blew it
Make it hot boo, bring your friend too
And drop it like you supposed to

You know what this is lil' momma
You could walk around with the top of a pajama
Boxers on, pillow case over the llama
Drama; I deal with more weed than a farmer
Point blank, dot dot, period, comma
So gritty, but still so pretty
Broke and I get as much pussy as Diddy
Ante up, catty all candied up
I'm on ice like I just won the Stanley Cup
Yup! Stay booted up, a little 'gnac in the cup
About to score, the homey had to shoot it up
23's, low pros on top of a flatbed
Niggaz think I just got towed nope
To the car show, Murci