Sex and Violence

Scissor Sisters

Oh, I need a witness to see the mess I've made
There's a broken lampshade , ashtrays, burnt floors , beds unmade
Eyes sleeping if you are dream , dream of what I'm doing
To you , undo you , I'm through with you until I never a round of
Everytime I spend myself it never runs too low , woah
I can't escape my need for

Sex and violence
Never meant you see them hand in hand
One is with the other
The softest touches , deeper than the ocean
Give it to me faster , feel it , feel it

Sex and violence
Who is gonna make you cry?
(Sex and violence)

Oh, I was a real man stealing all the trade
I was strong and self - made , well - paid , so groomed . persuasive
You were walking home that night , too kind to be illusive
Where do you live ? What do you give ? Who are you with ?
And how you getting home ?
Does everybody know right now exacly where you are ? Woah
Step inside is a step too far but

Sex and violence
Hit me with a lover , burns so bright
And one is just the other
Sweetest tastes , never gonna leave you
Even when it hurts you , breathe it , breathe it