Do It Again

Sarah Vaughan

You really shouldn't have done it
You hadn't any right
I really shouldn't have let you
Kiss me
And although it was wrong
I never was strong
So as long as you've begun it
And you know you shouldn't have done it

Do it again
I may say no. no. no. no. no
But do it again.
My lips just ache
To have you take the kiss
That's waiting for you
You know if you do
You won't regret it
Come and get it

No one is near
I may cry
But no one can hear
Mamma may scold me
Coz' she told me
It was naughty but then

Do it again
Yes do it again
And again and again and again and again and again
Turn out the light
And hold me close
In your arms
All through the night
I know tomorrow morning
You will say
Goodbye and Amen

But until then
Please do it again