I open doors takin pours doin tours then i come again,
Run'll be runnin up in the sukas I be runnin dem feindish, dj run'll be
Comin and gettin feindish, I tap your back and my it serves a mean dish

I've got my mike in my hand and my plan to come,
Official dj rapper known as dj run,
All of ya sucka rappers well you dissed my son,
I went behind the insta freeze I froze ya numb,

PUMP PUMP I scream on you your talkin soft,
PUMP PUMP run your round the track and walk it off,

So check for me takin a weapon or even steppin to my foes even those of
Dose are usually drivin seperate rows broken nose from blows from when you
Rap when i pounce on my foes suppose I swing an ep and just BOUNCE!!

My name is DMC, the one ya know,
The all time great gonna steal the show,
I put the mike, inside my hand,
And spread the funky rythym all across the land,
I'm blowin your mind, the rhyme i flow,
I hit you with the rhythim and they give me dough,
I'm blowin your mind, the one of a kind,
I figit wid tha digits when I rock my rhyme,
I bust a vien, inside my brain,
I came wid da name and I claim the fame,
I'm hard to the core, wicked and raw,
My rhymes break more when i'm breakin your door,
Kick it l style cause I stick a still rock
Take a take a chill knock
Cause I got the killa pounce,
Frown yall sicken knock yall up or down,
I take ya suckas out cause i make a sucka BOUNCE!!

I got no time for the crime I'm the kind to rhyme,
There is no sign of my mind slippin off tha line,
And if you find of the dime that I left behind,
I come fast with my cash, I must rewind

Easy does it run I do it speakin fluent vocabulary,
Vocal be makin them come to it in a have you berry,
Often losten run'll run a boston confuse ya lose ya all shook up in a sauce
Pan i stir ya stir ya all shake it cause I'm diesel drop hip-hop and then
Pop goes the weasel comin and runnin I seeka deli for my kingdom takin my
Lyrics at first they hear it then they sing them

I take a sucka then do him the head and screw him first i chew him and i do him and then I step it to Him it's a dilly operation I ruin all those I'm doing I pursue em and then ruin and do em you come Too em JUST BOUNCE
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