P.S. I Love You (From How I Met Your Mother)

Robin Daggers

Yo… You´re Beautiful
On your pedestal
I see you, you don´t see me.
I´m, I´m just too young
Or just too dum,
Or maybe just too raunchy

I´m wearing flannel and I´m thinking bout you
I lace up my boots and I´m thinking of you…

I never move on and it´ll always be you
Every guy that I´m with I´ll be thinking of you
If I ever get married he´ll always be second to you
Oh I´ll always be waiting for you

P.S. I Love You

The law can´t stop my love
I´ll fit you like a glove
Restraining orders don´t scare me
The lawyers of the record company
Made me promise to say
“The views expressed in this song do not necessarily
Reflect the views of Dominant Records or any of its subsidiaries

I´m totally a sucker but I don´t even care
With my curling seams and my faraway stare
Deep down inside, deep down inside I´m dying
I´m trapped in a cage of the tears that I´ve cried
I´ve prayed to God but She doesn´t reply
Even the Robot says “What´s Up?”
I´m Crying!
P.S. I Love You