Give It All Back


You may never see me
Never catch my shifting eye
Down here where the traffic crashes by
Sleeping out on pages
Torn from fading magazines
I don't know where I'm going
Or where I've been

Gonna give it all back some day
Give it all back
Down the beaten track some way
Gonna give it all back (2X)

Lost to you I'm living
Where the angels fear to tread
Ragged hilltop city of the dead
Search for my salvation
Through the waste of well-to-do's
Drinking brackish water
Primal ooze

Gonna give it all back some day

Headed for your city street
Along this rocky road
I come into your neighbourhood on overload
Picking off the pieces
That the world has left behind
Feeding on the fury in my mind

Gonna give it all back some day