Stormy Love

Rick James

Today my love is like a raging storm.
The emptiness surrounds me
And I am torn and lost
Within the realm that you are gone.

Drowning am I in a pool of tears
To think that for years to come
I must live alone without you;
The only one I've ever loved.

And in the night my heart must reminisce
And I savor each memory of you
Like a fine wine.

It is said that time will heal the wounds of all men.
As for me, there is no time and no cure.
For the love you gave was pure.
And until this day the gods have not forgiven me
For betraying you.

And you; do you lie awake
With thoughts of me in your head?
Is there another lover,
A stranger beside you in your bed
To take the place of me?

These words and thoughts from me to you
Will come and go in space and time.
And I'll never forget that once you were mine.

If saying come back would bring you here
I'd say come back, my dear.
As for now my love is like a storm