Spacey Love

Rick James

I can tell by the way you look there lady,
and you're freaky style upsets drives me wild baby
I know you know how to make me feel at ease
Won't you please, Won't you please
Tell me something good, tell me something bad
Make me feel happy baby, make me feel sad
Do with me what you please, I beggin' on my knees
For that Spacey Love, for your Spacey Love baby
I want your Spacey Love.... Baby give me all your love
well...woo woo give it to me gently baby, sweet baby well, well

Oh Labelle, you don't ring alone my lady
you had two angels by your side and they helped you fly
I hope and pray that one day you'll hear
and take your stratosphere yea yeah
sing to me again, tell me about those rainbows far away
Say to me in French, Voulez-vous coucher avec moi
I'm singing in my song, I've got to be turned on
2nd Chorus
By your Spacey Love, by your Spacey Love baby
By your Spacey Love, Baby, baby be my love
I need some Spacey Love, Give me give me one thing my love
Woo baby Woo baby, Give me every drop my love
I want some Spacey Love

Woo, woo, woo, woo Well, well, well, well
I know you heard that, and I love yea
Listen, baby, baby, baby I love you....woo

compositores: Rick James