Make Love To Me

Rick James

Taste so good to the very last drop
You on bottom and me on top
Rollin' around to the saxophone sound
Feel so good don't wanna come down
Make love to me baby
Do it nice and slow
Make love to me woman
Let your feelings show--hey baby

Feel so good soaking wet like the rain
So soft and gentle and we show no shame
Kissing you baby only you and I know
Feel so good just let your love flow
Make love to me
Let your feelings show
Feelin' hot, feelin' cold
Feelin' young and feelin' old
That's what I feel when I'm holding you tighter squeezin' you baby
Loving you with all my might
All I'm askin' is just to make love to you
(Hey baby hey baby well, well)
Don't you dare be nervous, don't you dare be shy
Just let me make sweet love to you baby
Don't you dare be nervous, don't you dare be shy
There's no need to wonder why
Don't you dare be nervous when I call your name
What will you do when 1 call your name
Will you come like the fallin' rain?
Come like the fallin' rain
Come like the fallin' rain
Feels so good
Woman do me
Woman do me good
Do me
Do me