Up up and Away (feat. Young Thug & Birdman)

Rich Homie Quan

Another day, boy, another couple of dollars.
Money with this power. Rich Gang, nigga.
My young niggas. Big money poppin', boy. Put that on blood, nigga

[Rich Homie Quan:]
New draws these polo
This two seater ridin' solo
I got your baby mama with me
Bitch pointin' at me, tellin', "Baby come and get it"
Drivin' real fast, ain't in no lane
I ain't gettin' married cause my ho playin
Fish fry nigga, you propane
I keep my mouth froze, yeah I sold game
All white seats like cocaine
The cops come, we don't speak, we don't know names
Spent 30 on my wrist, yeah that ho playin
Up, up and away
Blunt so high, boy I'm up, up and away
In the car, try to block a nigga in
But she know young nigga got away
If the door ain't bulletproof a young nigga kick through
I don't like white girls but my bitch do
I'ma make Sun shade when the rent due
Thugger I'ma make sure that you get through

[Chorus - Young Thug:]
Every time I come to town, niggas bitches come around
And I take 'em up, up and away
I started from the ground
That's when a nigga took off and went up, up and away
If a pussy nigga come and wanna play
I'ma send this bitch ass up, up and away
Beat a nigga bad and I might just pop his ass
Send him up and away
Up and away
Up, up and away
Up, up and away
Up, up and away
Shoot at the cops, send 'em up and away
Bite my bars, I'll shoot 'em up anyway
Play for him, I don't give a fuck what they say

[Young Thug:]
Up up and I ran
Molly got me high, I'm lookin' for Tarzan
Baby girl would you ride for the man?
Would you die for the man?
I'm a mothafuckin' go-getter
Mink coat got me lookin' like a gorilla
Talkin' rats, my clothes got dogs in 'em
Rollie old and extinct like Godzilla
Told a bitch to get my ice out the freezer, nigga
Told a bitch to get my ice out the freezer, nigga
Cold like an icicle
Pussy nigga, you a dyke, nigga
Three hoes thugga tricycle
And my ice real platinum like 5 nickels
And I'm ballin' like Bryant, no nichols
Tell lil' mama go and get 'em
Yeah go and sick em, go get 'em
I got a Tommy, I ain't talkin' Hilfiger
And I got a hundred round drum on that mothafucka
Like a Navy Seal, nigga
And I'm that nigga, Rich Homie that nigga
Rich Homies, YSL those niggas