I F*ck Wit You Girl

Rich Homie Quan

Can't judge me girl I want
Judge you neither (uh uh)
I love yo smell (yo style)
Hotter then a feaver(burning up baby)
You diffrent from others(you are)
I love yo demeanor
You took me back time after time
Even tho I cheated
Thats why fuck with you girl, I fuck with you girl
I fuck with you, I fuck with you
I fuck with you girl
I fuck with you,like you fuck with me
I show love to you ,like you show love to me
And she always come back home
Cause im her backbone I fuck with you girl

[Rich Homie Quan apologizing:]
I just want to apologize to all the good girls I done hurt
Know wat im saying ? I got a heart too man, so I hope you find
It in yo heart to forgive me, u feel me ?

[Verse 1]
I talk about jail alot cause that made me a man
Try'd yo best just to hold me down
I know you did wat you can
Pop's always told me never depend on another man hand
He say she say never listen to wat another man sayin
But i fuck with you girl, thinking bout putting a baby in ya then later
On move in with you girl
And ask that name he talm bout tell that nigga wat you really want
To do girl, take you on that shoppin spree spend 10 thousand
Thats just some tennis shoes
Girl. fuck ha this all for you girl
But you still can't


[Verse 2]
The next night we was on the phone
You stayed up that ain't nothing new
Me creeping on ya, me sneaking on ya
Me cheating on ya, ain't noting new
If I fucked up you come to
If you expect me cheating you run through
My text messages, and my call logs
If you don't beleive me you gone call my dawg
That ain't fair at all im in a galleria
I'll tear it down her deep throat
Want a powerball (suck it baby)
Them girls want that x call it malcolm
Defensive end I'mma tackle
Im rushing in get my sack up
No Green Bay but I'mma cheesehead when that pack come
When that pack come these niggas don't know how to act bruh
Smile in yo face, but they gone talk behind yo back bruh
I dont care where you at u better know how to adapt boi
Cause you sold a couple ounces that dont mean you a trap boy
You can suck my dick but you can't judge me girl