From The Bottom

Rich Homie Quan

Rich Homie Quan:
The opposite of NO, I come from the bottom nigga
You thought I’m tryin to go back? (No)
I can’t man..I just need you to rock wit me man
The opposite of NO, yea, they really don’t go hard man
The opposite of NO, I am (Ay man) David Ruffin
Let a real nigga talk man, ya feel me
(Rich Homie Baby)
My daddy told me never buy it if you can’t afford it (Na)
Was overlooked as a child, see I wasn’t important (I wasn’t)
Started writin' when I was nine, but everyone ignored me (Nine)
I spit venom every line, feed everyone the poison (Ew)
Ronald, E, and me met Jerry, then I start recording (True)
My teacher said I’d go no where..Now I’m touring (Fuck um)
10th grade I started smoking weed and skippin courses (I was)
Back then knew by a white tee and a pair of forces (Legoo)
Then I started gettin money and they starting hating (Okk)
I was the only one with Prada at graduation (I’ma ? Nigga)
I ain’t receive no honor but the streets certified me
And every since then I’ve been Rich Homie Baby!! (That me)
I am who I am…never be no more (I told y’all niggas)
I started losing feelings when I lost a friend
Me and Anthony were like brothers where do I began (rest in peace)
Lord know I sinned..Bless my soul, I’m finished
I get to preaching on these tracks,I got a little reverend in me
Them bitches reaching for the set (?)
And I pull this if your bitch ass get to looking…at me like you stupid
The opposite of NO
My new whip and them 22’s make ya shoe fit
The opposite of NO
I am R (Rich Homie ) H,(Quan) Q
The opposite of NO