Everyday (Ft. Cory Gunz,Birdman,Busta Rhymes & Mystikal)

Rich Gang

[Intro: Birdman]
Yeah, Bigga Than Life
YMCMB, flashy life style
[?] up on my headphones, my nigga
And my ones up

[Hook: Birdman]
Hustle in the morning, smokin' in the clouds
Bitches come in dumpin' cause they ran a hundred miles
Rain still pourin', the bottles lift up
Stuntin' on them bitches and the whips flamed up
The sun do shine, Christmas every day
Them holidays comin', so you know we quit the spray
Muscle is a must, the money in the can
Strapped every day, we still hustle in the sand

[Verse 1: Cory Gunz]
Uh, holla holla
Hehe, go
I'm a need a mountain of money
A mountain that amount the amounts to a mountain of money
Ride out with my dunny, fresh up out your mommy
Shout to the tummy - eat, sleep, shit on my toes
Bust a bitch in her nose cause they mouth so runny
Back to the money, Dada
Give a nigga bread like "bless you" (thank you) nada
I'm been on the block from the top tryna plot on a spot
Now I'm game with it - ta da!
Fuck around, I'll bang with the sawed-off
Fuck around, rob these niggas, do my thing like "voila"
Ain't nothin' changed but the dollars
Niggas so lame cause they ain't gon' claim i'm they father
Fuck it
I'm one of the niggas that don't fold
Treat me like one of them niggas that don't rap
Spinning 'em like a Tommy, automatic my laddy
I've been known to get niggas in one "blap!"
When I trip up, it's foreign - when I grip up, it's foreign
When I fuck, bitch foreign
Pull on my Trukfit foregin...
Pull on my Trukfit foregin...
I don't trust these hoes

[Hook: Birdman]

[Verse 2: Busta Rhymes]
Every single morning that a nigga get out of bed
Know a nigga gotta get it
Money to burn, raw OG Kush in a $100 bill, smoke weed with it
Why y'all niggas wanna whip shit with it?
Mulssane, I ain't gotta put a key in it
True don, make me wanna whip in it
Different money - add another didget
Get this money then I slide and I'm gone
Y'all already know who's side that I'm on
YMCMB, lil' nigga - Rich Gang, everything far from the norm
From the jails to the college campus, we've got 'em yellin' in the dorms
We try to compete 'til they go bankrupt, and we're just gettin' warm
If you ain't know, motherfucker, you can take another look, nigga
Whole team strong...
And we knock every spot on the charts
Every time a nigga drop each song
I don't need to tell 'em, they already know what it is
We run every city and we runnin' every block, nigga
Respect this conglomerate, bitch, cause you can't reach the number one spot

[Hook: Birdman]

[Verse 3: Mystikal]
Yup, i quit that bitch, don't look at my bucks
And i'm about that sell, pop back on that bus
Nah man, fuck them hoes, i won my O's
Bitch, I gotta go, let's roll back on the show
She bad, we see ya, another nigga can't beat her
In the [?] then back to the streets
Bitch, it's a habit to fuck it with Weezy
Thank god for Tunechi, Lord bless stunna
Hallejulah, Cash Money, i was going under
Tryna fuck my [?], and i do my Ana
And i ain't talking 'bout [?]
Bitch, [?] nigga as my mama
But, we are tha business
That's all they seeing
You cannot fuck with them
Go ask my nigga Slim

[Hook: Birdman]