Bigger Than Life (Ft. Chris Brown,Tyga, Birdman & Lil Wayne)

Rich Gang

[Verse 1: Chris Brown]
Look around, is this where you wanna be? (Yeah, YMCMB)
We don't gotta play around (no,no,no,no)
And when the sun comes up we gonna be alright
Speak up on it baby we gonna be alright
I want you to know this is big, I'm bigger than life, bigger than life
(Flashy life style)
Oooooh when the sun goes down we gonna be alright
This is we, im bigger than life

[Verse 2: Tyga]
Uh, The city love me every night
And you're waving to the fans it ain't hard to decide
She know we fly, she pick a flight in no time
I'll be by my own business, why you busy minding mine?
You was on my level we both came from the ghetto
And later were separated, we hate it, I'm glad you made it
When your mountain top they say there is no where to go
But now I'll be chillin' just look around
Perpendicular momma be straight forever, her crib about an hour
Now she out of town
Predicted it be better we change we change the game like quarters
Two dimes together they high five until whatever
I can mention your name but i rather keep it clever
YMCMB I tell ya every letter
She just wanna chill with a star feel
Special no stressing no pressure, I'll bless you

[Hook: Chris Brown]
I'm bigger than life (X3)
This is we, bigger than life (X2)
Ooooh when the sun goes down it will be, this is will be alright,
This is we, I'm bigger than life

[Verse 3: Birdman]
Money on the grind, money on my mind do it big time
Turn your head line, big money nigga, hustle hundreds nigga
Old school nigga, hundred mill nigga
Chandelier lights, persion on the rug, reberta for the bitch, nine for the plug
Counter hundred G's, fifty on the piece cooking up some keys, flip it with some B's [Yeah]
Everyday the same grind, up late nights nigga tryna flip mine, born to shine
Plaques on every shelf blind any whether nigga
With the smith and west [blah]
Million on the whip nigga, shit Gucci bag full of chips nigga
Yeah and i got this game off the flow moving bricks on the low
Hundred G's full of throne uptown off the mound nigga
Shredded down put it down, put it in every town nigga, big money stay poping
[Up town real nigga]


[Verse 4: Lil Wayne]
Uh, smoking on the good, killing these hoes like glare Underwood
Dreads on the wind, blowin' like ribbon, getting money like a bitch
Um, robyn givings god is my showver take to my destiny
White girl, black girl, i call that referee
I'm differently alive, bullshit a side, red flag in my pocket
I cought a bully eye, I ain't gave fuck about another motherfucker every night
I pray to god that i don't kill a undercover! word to my mother, give the world to my mother, I swear when my mother dies.. that's when ima die, fuck bitches get money, young money go hard, skate hard, big B's no honey, got that drop top Maybach, smelling like payback (Payback uh)