Meet Me At the Corner

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Please don't ask me who, or who you think I am I could live with out that im just an honest man
Meet at the corner window, tell me what to do cause I messed up on you and i dunno what to do now im guessing were through now proceeding,

Into the forest I lay around I wait and I wait for you.

Please don't ask me where or where you think I been
I been a lot of places but this could be my win.

Meet me at the corner, tell me what to do 'cause I messed up on you
And I know dunno what I'll do now
I'm guessing we're through now

Proceeding into the forest
I'll lay around and I'll wait and I'll wait for you.

I feel so bad I thought you oughta know
I feel so bad thought you oughta know
Something I wanna show
I thought you oughta know

Please don't say you want to keep in touch I bare
to see you on the corner that i just cant bare!

Meet me at the corner end though, tell me what to do
cause i messed up on you and i dunno what ill do know
im guessing were through now,
proceeding into the Forrest i will lay around

Now I turned I turned my head and I thought I saw a sound from the gods
where you were meant to be mine
Any sign I'm taking it all for a ride till the day when it's gone./Red+Hot+Chili+Peppers

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I'm With You
Album: I'm With You
Gravadora: Warner Records
Ano: 2011
Faixa: 13
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