Red Hot Chili Peppers

Feeling good and I don't know why
Another day and another high
I walk around like I am on the ray, hey yeah
Somewhere way out in the rays of Hanalei

I met a girl and I liked her vibe
Another day and another ride
I met a girl who wants to save the world
Make it sure
For someone else to find their faith

I'm away (7x)
I'm away

A simple song and it made me cry
I really don't want to pass me by
A simple song that spoke of Hemingway, hey
The revolution in your blood
Creates the wave

I picked her up on the road to surf
Looked a lot like a mother Earth
She said hello my name
Is Charlotte Gray, hey
Make it safe
For someone else to find their fate

I'm away (7x)
I'm away

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Hanalei / Open/Close
Album: Hanalei / Open/Close
Gravadora: Warner Records
Ano: 2013
Faixa: 1
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