Say No More

Ray Charles

Say no more
I think you'll never understand
I have refused the same demand
All my life !
Say no more
In my book there can be no blame
When you pretend I have no shame
You're half right !
All along
You kept trying to pin me down
Turn me into your house clown ...
If I don't fit the bill ...
All the same
I loved you then
I love you still !
Want to know the truth ?
I caught a nasty bug
And when it got ahold of me
I could not shake it free !
A lasting blue note
Has been haunting me !
It's like an old mistress
Forever chasing me ...
But say no more
I may not be an easy man
But the way you played your hand
I couldn't stand !
It's too bad
There is much more we could have done !
But now those days are dead and gone
Nothing lasts !
All along
You made me feel this useless guilt
Can you look back on what we built ?
I wonder what you saw in me ...
Tell me was it real ?
Was it love ?
You tell me ...
And though you think of it
As the cause of my fall !
Never mind, I'm blessed ... I'm here ... at all !