Ray Charles

I'm Gonna Keep On Singin'

Ray Charles

I am gonna keep singin
I am gonna keep singin
I am gonna keep singin
Said I am gonna keep singin

I know you hear me all
What I’m wanna keep singin
What I waited all night to come
You know … talking to my girl this morning
Said: Honey, let me tell you a little something

You know I wanna … to you
I hear you baby
Girl let me .. to you now
And she said: What the hell do you mean by that?
And I said: Hold on a minute baby
I’m gonna try explain it to you the best way I can

You and me, tell me woman can he
The only reason I ask is ‘cause I’m no ..
I just read in the paper yesterday and even in flies
So why can me and you do it baby? Listen to me
Let’s fall in love, girl? I’ve fool you, didn’t I?
All I waited all my .. to come.

Friends I told the Lord Himself this morning
I said: Lord, you know I don’t mean a little harm in the world
But if You don’t mind can You keep me singin’
Lord Jesus, keep me singin’
It’s the only thing I can do, singin’
Keep me singin’
What I waited all my .. to come!