I'll Take Care Of You

Ray Charles

Girl, If ever things are going wrong
for you, you'll see,
That I'll be strong and you can count on me,
For sure, because you're my Baby.

I can see that you don't feel secure,
But Baby my love is strong and pure,
Ray Charles I'll Take Care of You Lyrics
Girl, let me assure you I'll be there
for you, Forever and Always.

'Cause I'll take care of you Babe,
Because you are my baby,
And Girl, you know one thing for sure,
that I'll be with you Baby,
Because you're my Lady.

It has been a while since I've seen
a smile on your face,
Don't be sad, Girl, I'm going no place,
without you, Baby, I'm committed.

Girl, come over here and hold me tight,
You feel so good, you feel so right,
Can't you see all this Love in me,
for you, It will last Forever.

I'll take care of you ...