Raul Seixas

Orange Juice

Raul Seixas

Sunday is sunday, church and rest the sky is blue
The paper bloody the news, flags awaving on the streets
And far behind the proud and sad avenue
All seems fine with the word
Ants ride their fancy cars and feel complete

And from the windows of a seedy boarding-house
I, being one of God's Vector, try hard to make a king out of a lose!!
Hey, buddy spaceman astride u.f.o
Just take me upon your ride
Wherever you go i'll go
Hey buddy spaceman, you just can't leave me here
When I know there is start so far and yet so near !!

Yes, i have workship Allah, Budha and Jesus Christ
Saw heavens in the skies
While God was seing the world right through my eyes
Before, as a mokey i chittered through the last ice age,
Atlantis was cage'
I had so many chances that i blew

And all the messages that i keep comin' an' getting through
No one can see their clue
'cause there is no time to think here at the zoo !