I’m not payin 140 for them (size 8 and a half)
I’m tellin you I’m only payin 90
(that’s what you keep spendin your money on)
That’s for real

[verse 1]
Ayo , ayo
Who wear it all I’m an addidas freak
Multi thousand pair of sneak freak
Real fly physique that’ll look yea , fat watch , live footwear
Have the white folks displaying my gear
C’mon son let’s keep it movin right footwear , check out my book yea
Stop , look , stand and you stuck but don’t stick
Come aboard now , we got the georgetowns , it’s on now
So many phat styles , make a kid’s head fall out
Yo filas , those too par I’m supposed to
Always keep it real with the selection , holdin you
Prince black jordans , k-swiss gear , remember lottos
Stash mad bottles , in the fence ooh the odora
Anita place me your order , slow your speed down
Buyin food for your daughter
Stan smiths , handlin whips , grapple pits , travel fox yo
Ready to cop more shit

Chorus 2x:
[various scratches that refer to sneakers]

[verse 2]
Fly royals , got love for a ? member a six? , we do the basics
Stood out , slide em on , taste it wild lace in these
Ciconi’s and ponies , spa built mix wit ? ? ?
Keep it real , heav set , head set , intellect set
Black mutombos , columbo on the set , internet
Plus pumas and patricks infrarensics , switch up the black shit
Green araccis , unattached shit , 575 blue bals , blue bals
Bo jacksons gray and black , ready to throw my hands flashin
Ewings, barkleys , lex use an entertainer , forget air cross trainer
Free container , polos , mark 5s and the leases , the fly pieces
Shit be on the back mad features
Hoyas, caught ? ? in the tonic , feeling bionic
Design it with my fly garments , what up

Chorus 2x