Prince Of Thieves


"Goodnight popo
Goodnight popo
Goodnight fiends
Goodnight fiends
Goodnight hoppers
Goodnight hoppers
Goodnight hustlers
Goodnight hustlers
Goodnight scammers
Goodnight scammers
Goodnight to everybody
Goodnight to everybody"

Prince of thieves, catch me in the trees
Four long under the sleeves covered in leaves
Dark nights shooters, Rugers
Black capes folded over wranglers
The gold dobermans with keys
Run the town cracksmiths, we clack kids, we want a ransom
Or drop 'em out the most just answer
Who run them niggas who run niggas
Did somethin', but don't want nothin'
Just don't cuff 'em, bluff 'em
Pyramid mansions we give grandsons
Take 'em out of space, take apes, now go plan some
Yeah meet me at the end of the road
Been through the globe
No hoppin' in and out, this shit is global
We hood moguls with vocals
Niggas ride local, never been nowhere
We drop niggas out in the Poconos
Yeah a bunch of Rondos with condos
.45 hollows, ready to slide fly to Chicago
Eyes closed, money makin' Pablos who slob hoes
Never, I'd rather be sittin' in Key Largo
Yeah, yellin', "Bravo" with all of my hood niggas live though
This how the .45 blow

This is that real live extra rap calligraphy good shit, nigga
Only built for real niggas, man
Real motherfuckers man

Godfather energy, the ghosts play
Ay yo I bought one for minutes then strayed, I only drive commas
Baseball hats and diamonds
Come through disgrace y'all, niggas ain't place of matrys
Automatic magnets, swag beds
Niggas'll grab necks, break your collar bone
Apply Lex should switch off and hit the globe
We in the numbers with different goals
While niggas bitchin', we in the Rolls just blowin'
Blood slow and stay off my circumference, homie
Where bosses live for real and it's lonely
Everybody strivin' to feast, we in the belly of the beast
Leech us, starve us, niggas wanna piece
That's why I stay humble and hard
Cross my path the wrong way, you dyin' and I'm flyin' in grace
Swim like Phelps over beats
I rhyme with the elites
Who live off the land takin' your eats, nigga