Shadows Unveiled (Version Falling Skies)

Psyclon Nine

The weight of our sin
tips the scales of the famine
Give plague to our our world
bestow upon us molestation
As slaves to the anguish
and bound to our desecration
We kiss in dark corners
the mouths of annihilation

The shadows unveiled as archangel
Upon us they grace us the words "we are of perdition"
Opening of the seven seals
Our shadows will call thy name :
"we are the fire and flame"

Fall into the shadows cast
by the crown of degradation
Rise in abandon of the flesh
that screamed with imperfection
The furies of this living hell
still hold us close in adulation
No more tears from dying eyes
as the flies descend to consume us from the skies

We will sing the serpents song
and dance in their inferno
Watch the heavens burn
their angels' ash will fall as snow
The skies will crack
The earth gives way
The seas will swallow
their love and light will be eclipsed by our orders shadow