Happy F''kin' New Year


You know that I know that we both know how resolutions and
You know that you are gonna give up yet you still pretend
You can't deny the fact that your convictions bend and break
All you'll abandon every promise that you ever make

You're not gonna see it through
We know what you're gonna do
(You're gonna fail) You're not gonna see it through
(You're gonna fail) We know what I say is true

Happy New Year's Day
2002 and 3 were just like 4 and 5 and 6
Happy New Year's day
You just remind yourself of all the stuff you'll never fix

You know that I know as well as you do it's not gonna last
Did you forget results of resolutions from the past?
File your intentions out of sight and out of mind
You'll never folllow through with promises of any kind


Happy Fucking New Year