[Verse 1]
Sitting back just thinking about the lives I've touched
The hearts and minds through my lines, rhymes and such
Try to fill the void they can't seem to get enough
Up the open road, hit the stage such a rush
But sometimes I lime light just think by [?]
To outshine the darkside that I disgust
Makes my teeth grind and choice making my life rough
Feels like handcuffs makes it hard to stand tough
So outta place, so outta patience, so outta touch
Just need a break, some safe haven with any luck
I break away from this endless days of gray stuff
Life against the grain, turn the page, turn this up

Where did the time go? x3
Tell me where did the time go?
If you could see inside me
All these things that terrorize me
Always there to still reminds me
That I can't never be someone like you
(I can't never be someone like you)

[Verse 2]
The sorrows of my life help to ease the pain anothers
They can sense it in my voice, all the rain and thunder
All the strain, all the shame, all the stress I'm under
It makes for better songs, scream emotions when you suffer
All these lyrics, each and every word is therapy
Spilling my soul on the paper, then through speakers to set it free
But honestly I'm just a self tortured anomy
And terribly damning myself to second guess and all of me
Oftenly complicated and jaded, so plain to see
Orchestrated chaos it's I'll ever be
I'm a lot harmony lost from the darkest antacid
Tossed in deepest oceans, civilization so outta reach