Blood Paved Road


[Verse 1:]
We stole this country from one race without a second glance
Then enslaved another race and forced them to harvest the land
Perhaps it's bad karma from the founding forefathers
This could be the cause of our problems that's coming back to haunt us
Our current state is tainted with AIDS and inflation
And other heinous things that plagues this over populated nation
Living in fear of terrorists leaving us clearly scared of our
Mirrored reflections appearing to be so nightmarish
Before we all perish can we get along and bear it?
Can we resolve and evolve from all the wrong we did inherit?
Or is it too late just accepting our true fate?
Never learning from the past mistakes while sending ourselves to a doomsday

On the blood paved road
We tell our lies
On the blood paved road
We can't survive
On the blood paved road

[Verse 2:]
Advertising propaganda, it's driving us all bananas
We care more about the brands we wear instead of being aware
Of the issues that effect u, s constitution that protects us
Misdirection that infects us, petty things that keep us separate
It is now obvious we are Illuminati zombies surrounding the television
Hypnotized embodied submerged in commercialism
Perturbed by these euphemisms disturbing these organisms
Consumed with consumerism
It's a never-ending cycle and we seem to feel entitled
To treat each other quite spitefully
Social media idols and diva's attention seeking heathens
What a tangled web were weaving total state of disbelieving
Toward the edge we keep receding


[Verse 3:]
Hey, let me ask you this: can we put a stop to this?
Self inflicted apocalypse thinking about the consequence
Everything we've ever known, all the injustice we've shown
Seems to me we have not grown, it's still there in undertones
Daily life look around you, this ain't right, made to spite you
With they're lies to entice you, hope you bite then endight you
It's so sadd, but it's the truth, I wish this play could call a truce
Matter of time before we loose and then we all hang from the noose