Name In Lights (feat. Rizzle Kicks)

Professor Green

People always ask me how I write songs
I tell them it's not complicated
I quite simply take everything one line at a time

[Verse 1:]
Everybody knows what my name is
But I'm still out pulling faces
Cara Delevingne have you got any cocaine please
Night out, cause it's my night off
I need a day off cause when I crash I'll be a write-off
What a fucking sight, fuck it what a fucking night
Who the fuck are you to tell me how to live my fucking life?!
Loving life, me I'm dandy
How quick can you get rid of a bottle of brandy?
In a rave listening to Trinidad James
Though we don't pop mollies we drop bombs I'm Andy
I go in if I'm going out but I'm in a pickle now
I think my drink
Before I got back from the pissery pizzled out
Damned it didn't I. Down dizzled up
Fuck, what if I get pictured out!?

Cos I'm shameless, young and I'm famous
I'm shameless, young and I'm dangerous
I'm shameless, young and outrageous
They never should have put my name in lights

[Verse 2 - Rizzle Kicks:]
Aww you get famous and then you seem naughty
Look at Stephen and he's like 40
Yo, got a little buzz, now it's funny
Cos now all the hunnies make a b-line for me
Turn the lens with a bright light
But I'm alive and everytime
Got a white line
Until the news magazines chatter
Ain't substance abuse, I got a weak bladder!
Call it the beaver affects you too silly
Pro's pissed and in a year I'll have a few millis

They might as well say that Eddie Murphy is impotent
I told my label I'm not a pisshead, I'm vibrant
And I only drink to make celebs more exciting
You should try this cos no one's really saying much

Another one sniffs the dust!


Put my name in lights
Creatures of the night
My mind is rolling
My eyes wide open
Fall down on the table
I'm crazy and I'm feeling quite unstable
My head spins, feeling reckless
I should probably slow right down
But I'm too tempted

[Verse 3 - Professor Green:]
I'm a bastard, yep
My mother had me before she and my father had married
I'm a bastard and I'm plastered
My god, honestly what have I started
Why is my face on pages of papers that I wouldn't even wipe my arse with
Why are they so nasty to me?
I think I preferred it when they arse kissed
Oh and Cara I'm sorry Cara
But I can't promise I won't take this any farther!


Put my name in lights
Creatures of the night
My mind is rolling
My eyes wide open