Into the Ground

Professor Green

Before I'm done imma run this x4
Before I'm done imma run this to-o-own into the ground

[Verse 1] - Professor Green
Dilute me, water me down, how?
There's more chance of me courtin' a cow,
Disappeared, last seen walking around at 27 with a sign saying "40 and
Does Katie look like Aimee?
Or Amiee look like Katie?
What the fuck are these cosmetic surgeons creating?
Na! I could never imagine sh*gging a manaquin.
But that vajazzle is, so bijazzling.
I want the light skinned chick from the Misfits to,
Pull my pants down and tell me if this fits,
And I'll say I'm a big prick,
It's my dick talkin,
I can't help it I'm a bit of a dipstick.
Sadistic, come on cunts insult me! I inces.
A dim wit with a dick covered in lipstick,
On the prowl, walking around zipper down,
Dick sticking out.


[Verse 2] - Professor Green
Who wants to fuck with me now?
A half-wit with a fringe started it,
And he's stuck with me now,
I'm hunting him down, (why?)
How could he accuse me of clucking over crusty the clown?
You're in trouble, prick,
I'm in a muddle, prick,
Is that your chick of Mick Hutnell? prick, dick minge, you puss,
I pray for the day that I find you face down in that ginger bush,
Imagine cheating on your wife,
Her orders are as sleezy as you like,
Imagine sleeping with the wife of another,
Imagine sleeping with the wife of your brother,
Imagine if I said "Imagine I made you",
If I hate you for me to name and shame you ain't nothing,
So make a mistake and say something nutty,
Not even an injunction with a cake can save you.


I don't say this to all the girls just you,
Because I trust you,
Come here slut, I need a drug mule,
I do these things because it's fun to,
I don't need a mule for drugs,
I just wanted to see if you were in a mood to put drugs up you,
Now you got a clunge full of munca mushrooms,
I really can't believe you called my bluff,
I ain't fingering your chick I'm looking for my drugs,
Why think about what I say?
I say what I feel,
Women call me rapey, I say come and feel,
The worst thing on this earth was the day I got a deal,
I ain't been the same since the day I dropped a pill,
I ain't lost a pill I got a pill though,
Spit hard, kick rhymes with a steel toe cap,
Bin bag with a real flow,
Back, intact and I'm still pro.

Your opinions ain't shit to me,
I couldn't give a fuck what you think of me,
I may contradict myself as I change and I grow,

From I was young I've been too long in the toot,
I ain't down with the trumpets I ain't cocky or cool,
If I've offended you and your coming to get me,
Just know if I'm going to hell your coming with me.