Before I Die (Acapella)

Professor Green

See it all started the other day
I was smoking and, you know
Thinking to myself all deeply, you know
How you do sometimes when you smoke weed
You start thinking too deeply and it all gets a bit scary
Anyway, I'm just getting back to the point which is
I was thinking about how if I were to die
Have I done everything that I would really like to do
And I haven't
So this is a list of everything I'd like to do before I die...

[Verse 1]
I want a number one in the chart's
Before I pass and can ask
If Lulu if she regrets having her chest
Enhanced with implants
I wanna get my teeth straightened
To make me more handsome
Make friends with Hugh Hefner
And go on a long break to the playboy mansion
See before I die, before I leave earth
Before I'm put inside of a coffin and burnt
I want to grow till I am old of age
And smoke till I am old and grey
Till I'm 60 with a spliff
Trying to kick a flow on stage
Still drunk in the club
Looking for sluts with a zimmer frame
Plus a pocket full of viagra
Just to keep my dick up straight
I want to see my bank account grow
Get my cash and go
To las vegas rich and come back bankrupt and broke
Before I come blaze I know
With biggy, big pun, pac and big earl
I want fame and to play with 6 girl's
6 cuties (come here)
With thick booty's in a jacuzzi
Chung two E's
Listening to juicy truthfully

Before I die, I wanna be rich, I wanna be famous
Nah, I wanna be a superstar
Before I die, I want chicks, my wrists slit with bracelets
A few cars and two huge yards
Before I die, I want a car with massaging seats
Gold bath taps, and before I die I want a ménage à six
Before I die, before I die
I've got a lot of living left to do before I die

[Verse 2]
I want to make a mill
And find out just how real fake titties feel
But with an attitude like mine
I might not die, I might get killed
Anyway, before I die
I wanna drive a Ferrari
And a Harley
Go on safari
Withdraw a million pound coins from barclays
Just for the sake of it
Just so I can say I did
So you can get in a raged hate and say that I take the piss
I don't care, why would I?
This is what I wanna do
I'm talking about me
So why would I give a fuck about you!
At some point I wanna give up the weed
Have a kid and be the dad to my son my father never was for me
Maybe even invest some cash
For the kids that I'm yet to have
And a little stash of cash
For the lawyers for the necks that I'm yet to snap
Before I take my bow
I gotta do Amsterdam
And get higher than I've ever been
They call me evergreen
I got leaves all year round
I pop pills and smoke so stop debating
So if I don't die of intoxication
I'd at least like to be intoxicated