Raw Forever

Prodigy & Alchemist

[Verse 1: Prodigy]
Before I step out I get freshly cleaned up, looking like a lot of Prezzies
Coupe with the Swagbox, let the Ginny pop
One in your derrieres, nigga very scared
Of the repercussions, you're reaction at that bullshit they trying to pull
I'm laughing, I'm so high as fuck, feels like I'm in space
Cause my airplane get up and get me there safe
For the money I bounce around the Earth
A few hundred thousand put me straight for the summer
A few more of those and my balance looking nice
Make a phone call to Dutch, tell him "Meet me at the lab"
It's time...

Great music, good drink
Strong smoke, pretty hoes, big bank
I'm living this life forever

Great music, good drinks
Strong smoke, pretty hoes, big bank
I'm living this life forever
(I'm living life forever)
Black bandana, all tatted up
I don't need jewelry, my presence enough
Yeah we're bad as fuck, living this life forever (and ever x3)

[Verse 2: Prodigy]
Before I brag about it, I really got it
I really do it, I really shot it
So-called thugs are talking that tough shit
You wouldn't kill a verse, stop it (you bugging)
O.P.P. bad bitches on deck
She wanna fuck, I give her all of this infamous
New York dopeness I'm crispy and flee
You can still see the crease on my Armani tee
Wrist game serious, sitting on the train
A couple stops I'm a New Yorker, I do things
When Un Pac get home, we turning more up
Get your dumbass hit, you're blocking the tour bus
And we're burning all of this Caprice good shit
Living our dreams, infamous war bucks
All of this blood money, every slice in my pocket
Every bill in the country, now check it...

[Bridge and Hook]

[Verse 3: Prodigy]
Damn, there ain't no loyalty... fuck am I supposed to do?
I got a name-brand to uphold, and make moves
I gotta go super hard, stay stupid fresh
Stay away from dumb niggas, they just make a mess
Keep you're books clean, nigga pay the I.R.S
That's how keep your house? That's how your life is
That's how you keep your car clean? You just nasty
Get your shit together, holla' back at me
In another 300,000 days, in other words
Please stay the fuck from out my face
Provoking me to turn into a monster
You're pushing into a corner, you know what's gonna occur

[Hook 2]
And I'll be sitting in the chopper blowing hella smoke
I can see far ahead like the telescope
I knew this day would come, my revelation told
Keep the thing real close, cause you never know (x2)
I keep the thing real close, cause you never know...