[Hook: Prodigy]
Them niggas got trash, I got quality
If you only knew, really you should follow me
Your fave rapper, he scared
I'm catching all this breeze, nigga, I'm out here

[Verse 1: Prodigy]
I've waited hell of a long time to get mine
Right now I'm in a position to shine
You could tell from my posture, I don't give a fuck
You could tell from the watch, when I clean up
Now that's good taste, my shit is all that
New York style, with the Al Capone hat
Upscale sex, I have big fun
You're just a hater, you mad you can't get one
I got 20/20 vision, and my 2021 Ferrari, banging this shit
Real turned-up, and my trunk don't raddle
I'm not cheap, you get what you spent
Nigga spared until you broke, and money ain't gon' help you
But that's another story, now where were we?
Oh yeah, getting swervy, and this ain't nuttin'
Look, my rap more wordy than your prayers, my shit stunning
I'm alcoholed out, I can't even drink armor's juice
Cause it remind me of the gin I was swimming in
Thirsty bitches trying to get a quench from me
Then I remind them this is Don P you're dealing with, bitch


[Verse 2: Prodigy]
Shortie, you ain't gon' make it now, I tell you right now
You either gon' do life, or you gon' get killed
Yeah, your options are real slim, when you got contemporaries
Like the Perignon, kid
I bring a lot to the table, all you wanna do is take greed and larceny
I see it all in your face, I hear it all when you speak
Who you think you run the game on, you trying to con me?
Put yourself up in a world of pain, though it's nothing like Earth
I'll get you there right away, begone
Fuck, that was blowing my high
Back to the real life of rap music's most fly
My terms with no socks on, basketball shorts and the T
In a Bible Belt, blowing mad weed out the windows
Of the Privot, on stage at Béruges
I stop the show to give love the lil' boost
Got a flight in a couple hours, let a nigga sleep
But everytime I'm about to doze off, my phone ring
It's no rest for the wicked, get plenty when I'm dead
Get paid while I'm alive, and live to the end