Running Game (Son Of A Slave Master)


Mm, band

How many gats in the slacks be showin'?
Betcha that the man downtown be knowin'
Wax turn to beef
When the gangsters meet

Son of slave master
Keepin' it goin'
Goin, goin', goin'

How much do you want
For that real dope beat?
("How much? Possibilities")
Another A&R Man
("He can put it on ya")
Lyin' through their teeth
("I wanna see it")
Son of a slave master
Meet and greet
("You see what I'm lookin' for?")
There goes the publishing
("Let's just see it")
And you're back on the street
Back on the street

Twenty-five thousand is like selling it free
Seems like a lot next to poverty
How much you really want
For all them beats?

Son of slave master
Keepin' it goin'
Goin', goin', goin'

All the Gates of Henry
Uncovered your past
Checker like a NASCAR flags
Movin' too fast (Oh)
Betcha if you had ur way
You'd turn back the hourglass (Oh)
What an A-S-S (Haha...)

Son of slave master
Keepin' it goin'...
Goin', goin', goin'

Don't come to the party
Unless you bring somebody (Hey!)
Somebody that wants to dance
Somebody that wants to make
Sweet romance
We still got mad love for ya
Even though really don't know ya

Black on black crime
Abel and Cain
You would think high yellow would be ashamed
In the twenty-first century it's still about greed and fame
I'm about to, about to go insane
Somebody call 911 and leave his name
Son of a
Son of a
Son of a slave master
Son of a
Son of a
Son of a slave master
Oh, still running game
Yes, he...
Still running game, y'all (Oh Lord)
Yes he is
Running game
Oh, still running game, y'all
Running games
Running games
Running games
Running games
He was gonna call me that day
He was gonna call me
You know what I'm sayin'
Haha, whoo
Need some drinks in here
Bring them somes too
("What she talkin' about")
You know
Yeah, my hustle is strong