Breakfast Can Wait (Honey)


Hey baby, where you going?
No please don’t rush off so soon
If you leave me like this
What I’m gonna do

Grits and gravy, cheese eggs and jam
Can nobody cook it like you girl
No ma’am!
This here early morning, need something else on my plate
I think I want another bite of you
Breakfast can wait!

Breakfast can wait
You really put it on me
You shut it down last night
I thought the police was gonna come (last night)
Loud, yeah, quite
Yeah, I ain’t tryin’ to make you blush
I just think you’re great
Ain’t no need to rush
Breakfast can wait

[Verse 1:]
Finally my eyes are open
I dream about you all night long
The only thing that I’ve been hoping for
Is before you to go to work babe, we get it on
I ain’t tryin’ to make you blush
But I just wanted to tell ya, I think you’re great
I know you’re late, but I need another taste
Breakfast can wait!

[Verse 2:]
Hotcakes smothered in honey
(wait a minute)
I’m gon’ have to pass
Fresh cup of coffee, no, no
I’d rather have you in my glass
Only thing’s that gonna sweeten my tongue
Only thing that’s gonna last now
Is another bite of you babe
Breakfast can wait

[Verse 1: Repeats]

[Verse 3:]
Come here baby, let me put you on my plate
Hey now
Breakfast can wait!
Better call your job yeah
Breakfast can wait!
Tell ‘em you gon’ be late
Breakfast can wait!
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Prince is in charge now
That's right
Breakfast can wait!
Breakfast can wait!
Breakfast can wait!
You’re the only thing I need
Breakfast can wait!
Sweetness in my tongue
Breakfast can wait!
Come here baby, let me show you where I’m comin' from
Breakfast can wait!
Breakfast can wait!
Oh, you know you might need to pray for me
You might need to come again
Breakfast can wait!
Oh yeah-yeah