Rising Sun

Prince of Spain

Hey little lady
You’ve cried too much lately
Don’t you think you’ve had enough
The past and the present
Doesn’t seem God sent
You’re waiting but the times get tough
Open up your eyes and say all your goodbyes
As you walk outside the door to leave
No, you never looked back
Never took a real chance
You just locked the door and took the key

You can run away
Take everything you own
And be gone before the rising sun
Hop in your car
Turn the radio on
Singing songs like we were singing along
When the morning comes
You’ll be so far gone
Wish I would’ve got the chance to say
That if you never come back
I just want you to know
I’m gonna love you either way

Hey pretty momma
Don’t you start cryin’
Don’t let yourself go frail and weak
There’s hope in tomorrow
Happiness to borrow
Till’ you you get to where you need
I know your baby’s left
But it’s really for the best
It’s not the future that you wanted to see
But maybe some day soon
She’ll be back in this room
And finally be the woman she outta be