Carelessly (feat. Dresses)

Prince of Spain

We headed up towards higher grounds
Taking mother earth by storm
You said don’t worry child
No need to fear this world

You are the whistling wind
Guiding me through every war
Blistering heat and cliffs
A venture far from one I’ve known

Carelessly we climb my love
Higher and higher we’ll go
We’re running out of time my love
To live our lives like we should

The air is sweet
There are gentle sounds
The music lightly sweeps my ears
So calm and tame all is clear now
Answers lost throughout our years

You make the path and set the pace
I’ll follow you without regret
The peace that soothes my troubled heart
Comes only from you and this place

I’m growing closer
The grass is greener here

Falling out of the sky
You were my parachute
You’d never leave me behind
I can always depend on you
As the roads begin to change
I see a light ahead of me