Praying Mantis

There's no day where the night belongs
A thousand rights won't solve the wrongs
Still you feel alone, so alone
History cannot pretend, with shields of steel you still defend,
Those broken hearts, those broken dreams

Now you ride once again, freedom is your friend
Everybody sees that time is forgiving,
living with your pride, nothing more to hide, it's believable

The battle of life we fought it before it's defeatable
The portal of time this parallel line it's believable.
It's believable, defeatable

Now we know your hidden pain
A silent voice still heard the same
Reaching out alone, still you feel alone
Breaking down the walls of feeling, those stolen hearts now they're beating,
Will they ever die
Memories never lie

You ride once again, freedom is your friend
Everybody sees, this is not the end
now you're standing proud, shout it out aloud it's believable