The Halfway Bar


My momma told me at the tender age of five
Son, you're going to be the saddest man alive
And I've been raging, bleeding,
with hatred running through my veins
With fingers crossed been breeding pain along the way

And now here I roam on my way there on this rocky road
Still three feet to go down this cold and barren hole
How have I made it this far?

The road goes on and though it all went wrong
At the halfway bar I raise my glass and flush the past away
And though I sing along with the same old song
For as long as there's a pulse, a beating,
I'll make it through the day

My momma told me at the fragile age of five
Son, in your soul lies a cancer that'll eat you alive
And there at the end of a rainbow was a shining bucket of dirt
I tried but was unable to shove it down to taste its worth

And now here I am on my way on this rocky road
Now I understand I can't give in and I can't let go
Glad I've made it this far