My Friend

Plus One

We are standing at the crossroads
And now it's time
For you to go your way
And me to go mine
I will pray the Lord will keep you safe
Until the day
I see your face again, again

My Friend
We have been through
So much
And you have been
My Godsend
With your sure and
Steady love
My Friend
You know I will be there
If you ever need me
Cause you've always
Been a Friend
To me

I may travel
The world over
But one thing I
Know for sure
One day this road
Will lead you back around
To your door
I will pray the Lord will keep you safe
Some bonds are just too
Strong to break
In the end, in the end


Nothing will change the way I feel
About you
Not the miles
Nor the years
Or the place this life takes me too