Casanova In Hell

Pet Shop Boys

The girl’s perfection
inspires affection
it’s queer that here
he can’t can his spell
in her direction
Somewhere near
one senses fear
Casanova In Hell

The girl is naked
the boy is naked
He hides inside
a secret chamber
There to gape
through a velvet drape
and dream of rape
Casanova in Hell

Her sharp suggestion
He couldn’t get an erection
came as a shock
he finds himself
a laughing stock
He’s ageing fate
to contemplate
Casanova in Hell

Back in the library?
his revenge is historic
what he will write
will we call the bite
of his wit and legendary
the civil right
Casanova is well

For Casanova has the last laugh
creates the myth of vindication
of the sexual vacation
Makes the definitive collection
His lives and lovers and above all

his erection
will live in history