Valerie (Album Version)

Patti Scialfa

To the east the factories stand
Like fire-breathing dragons
Against the sky
And from their throats
A scarlet river
Burns itself
Into smoky lullabies
Over neon
And fluorescent skies

Can you hear those engines drone
I wanted to go to Mexico
But I'm stranded here alone
And once I knew a true love
It's been three years
Since he's gone
And if I could get
That feeling back
I'd give up everything I own

16 days since I left Corona
And I traveled
To this carnival town near Alberndeel
And I rode the coaster
There on the fairground
Twisted backbone
Of a beast that never heals
And I left some skin
On fortune's wheel


Everything's in slow motion now
In this little border town
I've come so close from so far
Just to hide
Behind these windows here
From the world outside
I watch those cars
And trucks raise trails of dust
Down the road as they pass by


Everything I own
Everything I own
Everything I own